Cullinan was founded by some former HP, IBM, and Coles Myer tech guys. In a previous life, we founded the company that developed Afterpay’s tech, which reinvented the way that people pay.

Today, we help major branded convenience retailers to offer more. Cullinan connects any POS to any digital product or payment simply, quickly, and without IT modifications.

Unlock Digital Services In-Store, at Scale

7-Eleven Australia, Alon, and other major retailers use Cullinan to unlock billions of possibilities through our endless aisle of digital offers to customers. Our orchestration platform connects to thousands of digital products, payments and tools from over 30 pre- integrated vendors. That means you can access partners (with millions of customers) who are ready to pay for access to your convenience store, while you get to offer more and sell more.

Reimagine What is POSsible

POS paralysis has been obstructing convenience store growth for too long. So, we created an orchestration platform that manages offers directly from suppliers’ digital interfaces, enabling instant access to new revenue opportunities without taking up additional shelf space. You can turn on customer, product, and payment experiences in weeks, even if we need to create a new integration.

Discover Our Breakthrough Approach

How do we make the impossible, possible? Our values of integrity, flexibility, honesty, inclusivity, and accuracy guide us to deliver unimaginable value. We have already rolled out Cullinan at thousands of sites for major convenience retailers that process hundreds of millions of digital product and payment transactions.

  • Our pre-integrated products are available out of the box on NCR, VeriFone, Microsoft Dynamics and many other POS systems.
  • We reinvented and digitised money transfers to take 6% of the Australian cash- to-cash remittance market.
  • Cullinan reimagined money transfers, money orders, and check cashing
    for 7-Eleven’s largest franchisee in North America to reduce regulatory risk,
    decrease counter time to less than one minute, and dramatically reduce a compliance department’s workload.
  • A major retailer in Australasia has used our platform to integrate over 1000
    products, from 5 vendors to 600 stores on its existing NCR POS systems.

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Reimagine what is POSsible with your existing Point of Sale.

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Managing Director

“We want to be the company that you choose to work with…

one that delivers material results for customers, shares project risk and investment and communicates openly and honestly.”



Chief Executive Officer
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“We take ownership and responsibility for projects…

with a focus on really making our customers happy. We build trust.”



Philip has held CEO and senior strategy roles across Europe, Asia and the United States. He has delivered major initiatives for and with companies including: MoneyGram, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, National Bank, Hewlett Packard, Global Refund, Tobaccoland (Austria), Coles and Telstra.

Craig served as the Chief Business Development Officer for Invenco Group Limited until 2022 and has also served as the Regional Business Development Head for NCR Asia-Pacific where he led the regional strategy for the Petroleum Retail & Hospitality verticals. Panter is an advisor to the NACS International Board of Directors and NACS APAC Committee. He also serves as the NACS Relationship Partner for Asia Pacific. Craig holds a B.A. with Honors in International Studies from Oglethorpe University (Atlanta, U.S.A.) and a M.A. in International Economics from Sophia University (Tokyo).


MAcc, BSc

“We demand the highest standards of ourselves…

and deliver clear and concise solutions.”


Frank’s background is in transaction processing technology and systems architecture. He has worked as CTO and CEO of public companies and has performed senior technology roles at IBM, Shell, Coles, Mayne Nickless and Telstra. Frank has delivered over 50 mission critical systems.